(GREENSTONE, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Greenstone Detachment is seeking individuals from the Greenstone area who are motivated to make a positive impact and help out in the community by joining the OPP auxiliary program.

The OPP Auxiliary is a group of dedicated volunteers who work with OPP officers to ensure the safety and security of the Province of Ontario.  Auxiliary Members assist with community events, regular patrol, special events and emergency situations. Being an auxiliary member is a great opportunity for people to become active in their home town area and help keep our communities safe.

The Auxiliary program was formed in 1960 and has expanded over the years.  While it is a volunteer position, the Auxiliary program screens their volunteers in the same manner that they do a prospective recruit for a uniform position. Auxiliary members must be at least 18 years of age, be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada with a valid driver’s license, have their high school diploma or equivalent, and have completed CPR and first-aid certification training.  Applicants also must be of adequate physical condition to fulfill their duties, which range from helping with community policing projects, to going out on patrol with an officer and assisting them with their duties. They also must go through a rigorous interview process involving aptitude and psychological testing. Successful applicants must volunteer to serve for two-year duration with the auxiliary program, which includes a minimum service time of 10 hours per month plus 60 hours of training per year.

For further information about the OPP Auxiliary program check out www.opp.ca and follow the links to auxiliary policing.  Interested applicants are encouraged to send their completed applications to the Greenstone OPP Detachment Commander at 8054 Highway 11, Greenstone, Ontario P0T 1M0.