(GREENSTONE, ON)-  Greenstone OPP has responded to a recent series of property crimes in the central core of Geraldton.

At 4:42 am on January 4, 2016 Greenstone OPP received an alarm call from the Bargain Shop located at 210 Main Street in Geraldton.  Police discovered that one of the windows facing Main Street had been broken.  A rock and hammer were found at the scene.

Later that day a resident from the 500 block of Main Street called police to report that mischief had been done to their property at some time during the night as well and tools had been stolen.  That resident confirmed that the hammer found at the Bargain Shop had come from their property.

At 2:35 am on January 7, 2016 Greenstone OPP received another alarm call from the Bargain Shop, again finding one of the windows facing Main Street broken, apparently by a sidewalk stone.

Residents from the area report seeing three to five youths but were unable to identify them.

Anyone having any information about these incidents should contact Greenstone OPP at 807-854-1333.