Few fly fishers fly boxes don’t contain at least one muddler minnow of some variation or another. Regarded as probably the single most widespread fly pattern in the world, it owes its invention to right here in NW Ontario.

The original fly was tied by Don Gapen in 1937 to target the giant Brook Trout of the Nipigon River.

The original muddler was created to mimic the bottom dwelling Sculpin minnows which range extends over much of North/South America and beyond. In addition however, when stripped across the surface it imitates a variety of surface insects, with a few modifications it becomes a grasshopper, different colours for different clarity of water all make the muddler what it is.

It is still produced in its original form by
www.gapen.com and available for sale locally in Nipigon at the Nipigon River Bait Shop

This Article first appeared in Northwest Ontario Outdoors Magazine Fall 2015 edition.
The full magazineis available for free download at nwoutdoors.ca/read.

What you need to make your own


Streamer Hook
Thread: 6/0 Brown
Tail: Mottled Turkey Quill
Body: Gold Tinsel
Under Wing: Grey Squirrel
Over Wing: Wild Turkey Quill
Head: Spun deer hair (lightly trimmed)

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